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Proofreading Course Overview

Beginner Proofreading

I will admit that I have a problem where I do not like to go back and read things once I have written them. I mostly think that my train of thought is something I should trust, but the problem is that you often make mistakes in writing that you can easily remedy if you just go back through a read what you wrote. With beginner proofreading, you can get a lesson on how to have a little better attention to detail.

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Professional Proofreading

The place where professional proofreading differs from other settings is that you are likely going over documents with a specific set of rules that differs from the standards of grammar. Oftentimes, you are looking at things and translating into terminology for a specific vocation, which might mean that the rules are specific to that industry. Knowing this difference is essential to proofreading in a professional setting.

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How To Become a Professional Proofreader

Going back over your work is such a pain in the behind that people are willing to pay other people to do it for them. In the case of lawyers, you might have so many pages written that you just can’t waste the time doing it yourself. You might also value the new set of eyes because you can get too focused on your own work. We go through all of the steps necessary to prepare yourself to be the one they call when they need something read through.

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Proofreading Courses

The right courses to teach you to proofread combine a few different skills, including simple spelling, grammar, and punctuation lessons as well as lessons in attention to detail. Some of the most important aspects of proofreading involve your ability to reliably go through a document and spot all of the mistakes without any sort of guidance for how many mistakes there might be. It is a tough task, but that is why you need attention to detail.

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  • Editing
  • Citations
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Structure
  • Paragraphs
  • Style
  • For Non-Native Speakers